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大话西游 Big words of western tour  Characters: 张铮:Zhizun Bao 至尊宝 刘文辉: Bull King 牛魔王 陈鹏程:ZiXia 紫霞 陆天愿:monster 小妖 何文伟: monster 小妖 李成辉:aside 旁白 Chapter 1 The story begins with a wedding. The Bull King is going to have a concubine. 故事始于婚礼,牛魔王想纳紫霞为妾 牛:Today is my wedding. I am going to have a concubine. Ha ha ha ……. 今天是我雄牛纳妾之日,哈哈哈。左右棋牌_[官网入口]。。 妖1:Concubine? Dose your wife agree to it? 你说纳妾,那牛夫人没意见? 牛:Oh! She is not lovely anymore. She’s right now at the Flame Mountain. She can do nothing about it! 哼,那黄脸婆,现在在十万九千里的火焰山里,就算她知道也奈何不了我! 牛:ZiXia, Your name is so nice (至尊宝从后台走入人群中) 牛:Let me introduce my brother to you! (牛魔王走过来 抓着至尊宝过去) My brother!Come here! This is my brother. 紫霞: Can you stay here for your wedding?(紫霞问至尊宝) 至尊宝: I think so. 紫霞: What do your wife at home think? 牛魔王: Wife? Do you two know each other?(至尊宝做尴尬状) 至尊宝:Already divorced! 牛魔王: It’s normal that a man has a dozen of wives. Take it easy. Brother.(至尊宝尴尬的笑) Brother do you think so? 至尊宝: yes, yes…… (牛深情地转向紫霞) 牛:Zixia, listen to me. I think I ‘ve fallen in love with you once I know you. I want to show my sincerity. So I request you to marry me in front of my bros. This Moon Box is my gift to you. I hope you would say yes. 紫霞,实不相瞒,我发觉我0已深深地爱上了你,为了表示对你的诚意,我当着这么多人的面向你求婚。左右棋牌_[官网入口]这个月光宝盒,是我送给你的定情信物,希望你能嫁给我。左右棋牌_[官网入口] (至尊宝紫霞眼神交流) 妖2:I object! 牛:What? 至:let me help. Say what? What are you talking about! They are the best match in the world. What the hell are you! 妖2:Zixia has a means to test her lover. If you can pass it, I will shout up! 紫霞仙子择偶是有一个规矩的,如果大哥你能做得到的话,那我们就心服口服! 至:What are the rules? 妖1:This test is that she would marry the guy who can make her Magic Sword go out of the scabbard. 如果谁能拔出她的紫青宝剑,谁就是她的如意郎君 (剑从至的怀中落下)   妖1和妖2:Magic Sword?   牛:Let me do this!   (紫跑出,拾剑)   紫:It’s not true! It’s just a joke. It is still meaningless even if you can put it out! (紫跑下) 没有这种事,这个只不过是我跟大家开的一个玩笑,这把剑谁拔得出拔不出根本没有关系! 牛:Those of you who mess in my land card. Who dares to stop me, I will kill him   妖1:Look! King, Iron Fan Princess has come.   牛:Aaa……   (牛惊慌地跑下) Chapter 2 Zhizun Bao leaves the front hall, running to back garden…… 至:Why are you hiding here? 哎呀,你怎么躲在这里? 至:At that time, the sword from my throat is only 0.01 cm, but after the incense of the 1/4 pillars, the sword of the mistress, will fall in love with me. Because I decided to tell a lie, although I have been told many times, but this one, I think it is the most perfect. 当时那把剑离我的喉咙只有0.01公分,但是四分之一柱香之后,那把剑的女主人,将会彻底爱上我。因为我决定说一个谎话,虽然本人身平说过无数次谎话,但是这一个,我认为是最完美的。 紫:I’ll kill you if you come closer! 曾经有一份真诚的爱情放在我面前 I have had my best love before 我没有珍惜 But I didn't treasure her 等我失去的时候 When I lose her 我才后悔莫及 I fell regretful 人世间最痛苦的事莫过于此 It is the most painful matter in this world 你的剑在我的咽喉上割下去吧! Just cut my throat! 不用再犹豫了 No hesitation 如果上天能够给我一个 If God can give me 再来一次的机会 another chance 我会对那个女孩子说三个字 我会对那个女孩子说三个字 I will say 3 words to her 我爱你 I love you 如果非要在这份爱上加一个期限 If you have to give a time limit to this love 我希望是…一万年 I hope it is 10 thousand year (紫长叹,抛剑,拾剑,抱剑)   紫:What can you tell your wife? 至:I have to tell her the truth. So I must get the Pandora’s Box back. Then go back with you and explain everything. I don't care what people say about me. I bear it alone 一定要交代,所以我一定要拿回那个月光宝盒。然后和你一起回去跟她说清楚。 我不管别人怎么说我。我一个人承担下来 紫:You don’t lie to me 至:But I hate myself that I can’t get the box back. I …… 但是我痛恨我自己没有本事把它拿回来,我。左右棋牌_[官网入口]。。  紫:I help you!   至:No, it’s dangerous!   紫:You don’t want to?   至:I do! But ……   紫:I trust you! I’ll get the Moon Box back tonight. Wait for me here at midnight. Thanks for your watching!


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